Enable 2-Stage Deploy - Configuration per solution

By Daniel Martins on 5 Nov 2013
 On version 8.0 you have the 2-Stage Deploy option and configuration on the Environment Configuration:

It would be nice to have one setting available when you are about to publish one solution to ignore the 2-Stage Deploy for the respective solution or vice-versa.
This would be very useful if you only want to apply this feature for a specific solution or project.

It would be nice to have a setting per solution to apply by default the setting defined on the environment  configuration, or to set for always make use of the 2-Stage Deploy or to never use the 2-Stage Deploy for that solution. 

Kurt Vandevelde6 Nov 2013
Very good idea.
Sometimes you indeed want to prepare the publish upfront and activate it later. But in other cases, you just want to deplay right away and don't want to loose time waiting after step 12.
If we could choose the option per solution deploy, it would be very handy.
Tiago Bernardo4 Mar 2014
Indeed, very good idea. I was going to create it but first did a little search.
In our client we wanted to use 2-stage deploy with our solution but because they did not want to use 2-stage deploy with other solutions (which is beyon our control because we do not "own" that solutions) we cannot use it because the configuration is for the environment and not for each solution.
Kurt Vandevelde4 Mar 2014
Update: this feature is available in LifeTime, but not yet in Service Center.