Add the ability to assign User Groups to other User Groups

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At times there is a need for a heirarchy of users.  While it is possible to add the same user to multiple groups, it would be nice to be able to add groups to other groups for easier manageability.  A simple example is one from retail.  In a typical retail environment, you have employees who are members of a store location.  You have a manager who will manage that store.  You typically then have a district manager who manages multiple stores.  And a regional manager who manages districts.  Lastly, you have a corporate users that has everything.  In the current system, if you have 300 "store" groups - you would need to add a corporate user to 300 different groups so that they could have access to everything.  If you could add groups to groups, you would simply have each store as a group, a district would be a collection of store groups. A region would be a collection of districts. Corporate would be a collection of regions.  Specifically,

Store 1
Store 2 
Store 3
              District 1
Store 4
Store 5
Store 6
            District 2
                      Region 1
Store 7
Store 8 
Store 9
              District 3
Store 10
Store 11
Store 12
            District 4
                      Region 2

Created on 5 Nov 2013
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