Fix the solution detail's screen

By André Ramos on 17 May 2010

It takes a lot of the server's resources and takes a really long time to open this screen.

It must be making some horrid logic that makes it so slow. On top of that, it sometimes makes the server unusable in the Java platform.

Witch screen are you talking about? Don't really understand witch screen you mean.
J.19 May 2010

Assuming he meanss the detail screen of the esapce on service center?
André Ramos19 May 2010

Not the eSpace but the Solutions details. When you click a solution name on the solution's list in Service Center.
Then I'm getting curious how big you're solution are.

Here I really don't got the problem of a slow slution detail screen.
André Ramos19 May 2010

4 to 5 eSpaces... In the Java platform the server is rendered unusable. In .Net it just takes a lot of time to open.

Both the Java (5.0) and .Net (6.0) versions had improvements on the solution details screen performance