Add Waiting message when the page is loading

By Darrell Harr on 13 Nov 2013
Show a "Waiting content loading" with Icon spinning on page load...... similar to the Ajax yellow spinning message.

Have this work like a popup so the page behind is visible but can't be accessed.

Currently to make this happen I have to bypass the Page Preparation.... then show a popup with the message.... then notify the calling page to refresh the queries... 

Would be nice to be able to show the "Waiting" easier.
José Antunes15 Nov 2013

If your page has a Table Record, you can use List_LateLoad from RichWidgets.
Or you can enclose your page in a IF widget that shows your message, and in the other branch is your page. Then in preparation click in a hidden link that points to a action where you load the data. In the end change the if condition to show the page content and hide the 'loading message'

João Melo10 Jul 2015
You can use this component from Forge...