pre- and post-section for queries/scripts (datamanipulation) within your Deployment

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I currently have a little problem, I've added a unique key to a table, but the values aren't yet unique. 
So, In fact I want to add an SQL script, are advanced query which must be add to the deployment. When I use lifetime, the script must be executed automatically as first step of the deployment. 

And perhaps you want to select if the query must be executed as first or as the last step of the deployment.

Created on 15 Nov 2013
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You can make a timer to be set to run "When Published" which accomplishes a lot of what you are looking for, at least in terms of executing a query (or any other code) after deployment is done.


Hi Justin, 

sometimes, we need to run a script before the deployment will be executed. E.g. when you want to convert the type of an attribute from text to integer, or when you have to update a status, because that status-value is going to be removed.