Add Warning to ServiceStudio - When 2 WebScreens have the same name on the same eSpace

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Add a warning on ServiceStudio when you have situations like these:

Because when your try to access the webscreen as expected:
You get this message on ServiceCenter:

The file '/<eSpaceName>WebScreen1.aspx' does not exist.

Sometimes, it's not easy to understand that ,by some reason, you have 2 WebScreens with the same name (specially on big and complex Espaces) on different WebFlows.

Credits for this idea also to Edgar Ramos and Vítor Rosário that I found "digging" a bug that was found on a eSpace related to this problem
Created on 18 Nov 2013
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I've had similar experiences... my solution is to use an Entry and GetEntryURL if I need the URL to a page. I still dislike that, because then I need to make sure the eSpace name & entry name never change. :(

Hi Daniel,

You should access the webscreen through Entry1 and not WebScreen1. When you have webscreens with the same name the name of the page is prepended with the flow name, it should be something like: WebFlow1.Webscreen1.aspx.
If you need to use the webscreen like Justin is saying you can also make it public and reference it.
Hi James and André,
Thank you for your feedback, it should be allways possible to have the scenario described.
What i mean, it's that a warnign should be thrown, that way you notice when by mistake you have two webscreens with the same name, which I belive that on most of the cases it's an unwanted scenario and causes runtime errors.
Nevertheless, thank you both, for sharing the workarounds.

Daniel -

Yes, I agree 100% that a warning would be good, because even with the entry, people still bookmark pages!

I ran into a similar thing quite by accident.  I created an enttity called 'Application' usiing the Excel import process.  The name makes a lot of sence for the project I'm working on.  Before I knew what happened the name was changed to 'Application2'.  After some digging I figured out that the System eSpace has an entity with the same name.  I strongly recommend that if there are changes in this area that eSpaces provided with the software (system, users, richwidgets. etc) prefix their names with something (sys,usr,rwd) to eliminate conflicts with user code.

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