Add more Test features

On our radar

  • Test UI of a application (like Selenium)
  • Unit test webservices/actions / actions (like SoapUI?)
In ServiceStudio add a Test button like the one in (Advanced)Query
  • Test webservice
  • Test actions
Created on 22 Apr 2010
Comments (7)
Joop Stringer
26 Apr 2010
seen some slides about OutCome ... need this tool because the features can be tested against the test cases. Now I use an Excel to do the testing. It also helps to make sure the feautures/stories are detailed enough.
26 Apr 2010

OutCome? Can you post these slides?
27 Apr 2010

Yes! A proper testing mechanism like the ones freely available for other vendors.

Outcome is a step forward but it's nowhere even close to a solution for this problem.

The lack of this feature is a real show-stopper.
27 Apr 2010
Great idea! An automated repository of application specific test cases ... I'm all for it!
4 May 2010
Yes, Outcome would rock
20 Aug 2010
I actually consider Outcome to be a major breach of Agile Methodology. If we want to have formal testing it should happen at the Service Studio level, each item type of an OML should have it's own test-case items which had expected results and automatically generated a Valid or Invalid report.
17 Feb 2016
It would be great to have a Test-driven development (TDD) feature available, allowing the end-user to check if any of the previously implemmented rules got broken after changing some of the code.