Error handler and/or theme page assignment for page not found

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Right now, if a page should be under an eSpace, but isn't, the user gets an ugly white + Times New Roman screen that says "page not found", equal to the uncaught exception page. We need a way to override this, either with a theme, or through a "page not found" exception that we can add in exception flows. That will allow us to customize the screen, as well as use it as a single point of reference for redirects when we move pages, instead of sprinkling entries or dummy pages every time we make a move.

Created on 23 Dec 2013
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On Windows systems, most people handle this sort of thing by setting error pages in IIS.  Just go to your default web site and click the Error Pages icon.  It would be nice to do this in the Outsystems platform so you get the same style and all but this would be way low on my list of things to do in the platform.