New action "NOP" (for "No OPeration"), like Start and End, to help organize the flow in actions

By Tiago Bernardo on 18 May 2010
I usually use empty Assign actions, that don't do anything, labeled "NOP", to help me organize the flow in a action.
As a note, this doesn't have any impact in SU (Software Unit) counting because the Assign action is empty.
This solution works for me, but it would be more visually helpful if this specific action NOP existed and had a different image than the Assign image, something like a circle, in coerence with the triangle for the Start action and the Square for the End action.

Additionally, by default this action would be named NOP, but optionally the developer could change it's label to use it like a comment in the flow.
I sometimes need to add a comment in the flow, to clarify the functionality, but since comments appear in big yellow rectangles it's makes it difficult to organize the flow.
For instance, in Assign actions, the label can be a long text, that is truncated by Service Studio when displayed, but when hovering the mouse cursor over the Assign action the full text appears in a pop balloon, making it easy to read the full text.
As comment, the image of this action with be in yellow.

Besides, this doesn't seem to be very difficult to implement, as this NOP action is already very similar with the Assign action.

Like the idea, I also use some empty assigns (I call them NONE) to make the flow more 'readble'.

I only think this option could be realised by being able to set the arrow of the flow different (with cornors for instance). On this way you don't need a widget in you're flow to make the flow 'readble'.

This is also something you could use with you're comments, instead of having one straigt line to the widget.

Regarding trough you option about the widget labels, maybe it's some adding value to the following post:
J.19 May 2010

instead of using NOP's I rather like this idea, to be able to angle the lines :
Hermínio Mira19 May 2010

I agree with Joost, being able to angle the lines seems "cleaner" than dummy actions in the flow.

Ah that was the post I was looking for :D.
Tiago Bernardo19 May 2010
I have to also agree that being able to angle the lines is "cleaner" than dummy actions in the flow. That would be the perfect solution.
But, still though, I would like the "comment action" I mentioned. That is, comments would be part of the flow itself.
J.19 May 2010

comments are not part of the flow, so would be a bit strange to incorporate them in the flow.

why do you think comments should be in the flow?
it's only a comment about certain action-parts.

perhaps this idea would suit you also?
Tiago Bernardo19 May 2010
Thank you. This idea of "block comments" / #region is more or less what I would like.