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A lot of times, the Release Notes for an upgrade sound like they may solve a problem I have been having, but it is unclear from the one sentence description in them. I'd love it if they linked to a more detailed description, so we could determine if an upgrade will make sense for us. Doing a Platform Server upgrade in particular is something we try to only do every few months if possible, so we need as much information as possible before we decide to go forwards with one.


Created on 22 Jan 2014
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Yeah, all we get now is a list of fixed problems with an ID and a short description. I'd like some more details too! (And also quite often, a bug I reported is reported by someone else as well, and only the first to report it will recognize the ID metioned.)

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Hi Justin!

That's a nice idea. Actually, we are starting to do that for critical upgrades or migration paths, but I completly agree that we could improve on the detail of some release notes related to the platform server.

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Angela -

I've noticed! Just took 4 years since I submitted this idea. :D