Add a Alias for server in ServiceStudio 'Connect To Server' box

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The 'Connect to Server' box could have another field called Alias so that the user can quickly choose the server where he wants to connect with.
This is troublesome if we already have about 5 server addresses with server addresses that are not user friendly.

Created on 24 Jan 2014
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I cannot make a like on this one! Outsystems bug?
I don't think this is an OutSystems problem. If a server is only identified by an address, ask your network operator to assign it a name in the DNS. Alternatively, you can change your hosts file to add the aliasses and addresses.
@Filipe Jacinto: This is not a bug. It's a suggestion of improvement. 

@Killian Hekhuis: well... some work environments have very strict rules regarding the naming and they may cause confusion. Regarding changing my hosts file, I think it's not a very user-friendly solution but it works in the end. A more user-friendly solution would be better.
I think Filipe meant that the bug is that he can't Like your idea :)

I agree with you that a more user friendly solution would be better. Personally, as we configure in Service Center the server names (Environment Name on the Administration / Environment Configuration page), I think it would be great that once we have connected to a server, Service Studio would recall that environment name and show it in the connection box. At least all the developers will then have the same names in their environment (and can't make any mistakes).