Possibility to add sql-like expressions in 'Source Attribute' for comboboxes

By André Alho on 8 Feb 2014
We're always coding Advanced queries or foreach loops over simple queries to present user with personalized data!
This is a nonsense overhead for OS coders since it is repetitive task, giving space to error (coder miss an assign, or something wrong in advance query), and easily resolved by this Idea...

Please, let us build an expression with the fields of the 'Source Entity / Structure'

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José Antunes8 Feb 2014
Hi André

Nice one! That would be a time saver.

José Antunes8 Feb 2014
Edit: For some reason I can't like. Tried with firefox and opera. Some bug?
Vasco Batista10 Feb 2014
Me either, when i press LIKE nothing happens (IE9).