More Shortcuts for Data operations

By João Melo on 24 Feb 2014
Shortcuts when adding entities, static entities, attributes, and other operations with Data would be great.
J.24 Feb 2014
Care to explain it a bit further?

I am not sure what you want to achieve and where?

João Melo24 Feb 2014
In the Data view, I have to use the context menu (right click) everytime I wanna add new entities or attributes.

It would be awesome if I could create all my entities and attributes without using the mouse. Imagine when I already have the data model.
João Melo24 Feb 2014
Something like:
F3 - Add Entity
F4 - Add Attribute in the selected Entity
F5 - Add Static Entity
Justin James24 Feb 2014
Yes, I would like to see this too! It drives me nuts when I'm building out new functionality and have to keep scrolling to the top to get to "Add Attribute" or "Add Entity".