Make "Use NOLOCK" an option on queries

By Justin James on 25 Feb 2014
I'd like to see a checkbox/property on Simple Queries to allow them to use the NOLOCK hint (or Oracle equivalent) for those who are willing to accept the possible consequences. The majority of our queries could be done without locking and this would be a big performance boost.

This is really a performance boost must have for external data (using dataconnector or linked server); the only way it can be done now is thru Advanced queries.

Nelson Inácio9 Feb 2017


This situation is only applicable to SQL Server, because Oracle handles concurrency automatically.

Justin James9 Feb 2017

LOL Oracle's concurrency management has been abysmal to me so far... keep having problems where an exception holds a lock open for hours if not days causing the system to shut down, hang up, run out of DB connections, etc.


Brian Grewal4 May 2017

This will eliminate many deadlock timeout issues.