Allow pasting of Unicode characters into Static Entities

By Justin James on 5 Mar 2014

I had to paste some Unicode into a static entity (like some currency symbols), and it came out as question marks, even in the DB after publishing. I had to do an Excel import + bootstrap to make this work. Supporting Unicode in Static Entity text values would be a big help.


Kilian Hekhuis7 Mar 2014
It would seem like a bug that this isn't possible. Have you reported it to support?
Justin James9 Mar 2014

Kilian -

Nope, for whatever reason, I assumed it wasn't a bug.

Kilian Hekhuis10 Mar 2014
You're too kind :) I'd just report it and see what they say. But then, that's coming from someone who reports on average 2-3 issues a week :)
Sérgio Silva5 Jan 2015
Hi Justin, Kilian,

Indeed, Service Studio had no support for Unicode, which was the cause of the limitation you've reported as well as some other ones. We actually have been working to have Unicode support throughout the Development Environment and we expect to have this solved in the coming months.

Thanks for reporting this issue!