Improve the way we show the Activities in the Processes

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Hello everyone,

I've done a search in the ideas list and i couldn't found this one but i apologize if already exists.

The idea is (and follow my chain of thought please): Activities should have a index (like 1,2,3 etc) for however their design in the flow.

We usually design the flow from top do bottom, conditcions, etc. so the top activity should be 1, the one after should be 2 and therefore. This would serve to ordenate the Activities in the Right Tree so that when we are at the top of the process flow and i click the 2nd activity i know that that that one is the second one. This can be more effective if you have very extended processes with a lot of activities.

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Awesome Vitor
Created on 5 Mar 2014
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Hi Vitor,

Right now, you can generate the process tree by using the Parent_Activity_Id attribute from the Process table.
When you have parallel activities, how do you assign the index? In this case, if two or more activities have the same precedent activity?

Hi Jose and thanks for the reply.

Well about the parallel activities what i thought was keeping it the same as it is now, that when we click the activity in the flow and in the tree they get a "little bold" so that we know wich one was selected.

Vitor Martins