Simple query boolean expressions: allow checking without true/false

By Kilian Hekhuis on 7 Mar 2014
Normal expressions allow booleans to be evaluated without comparison, and the not operator, e.g.:
if(not myBool, "hello", "hi")
In simple query expressions however, we need to explicitly check against True or False, and the not operator is not allowed:
Entity.Attribute = False
I'd consider that bad coding style in a normal expression. Why can't we use "proper" boolean expressions in simple queries?

The idea here is to let the developer use only the boolean attribute name when setting a filter on an aggregate with it, instead of the attribute name plus the condition (=true or =false).

Please see the attached pictures as an example.

Merged from 'Disable the mandatory condition (=true / =false) when setting a filter on an aggregate with a boolean attribute.' (idea created on 2017-08-10 10:54:37 by Paulo Zacarias), on 2017-08-11 15:15:17 by Justin James