Prevent Architecture Pitfalls directly from ServiceStudio

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I like the Discovery app for analysing existing applications, but why not add Discovery like checks to ServiceStudio to prevent Architecture pitfalls directly from ServiceStudio. TrueChange².

Add Layer type to eSpace properties, so ServiceStudio can check:
  • References to sibling modules in composite or orchestration layer
  • References to a higher layer
  • Cyclic references between eSpaces (preferably also indirect references)
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Matthias Preuter
Created on 11 Mar 2014
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You need to be careful about cyclic references.  I have no problem showing a warning but there are cases where a cyclic reference is needed, at least based on my experience. 

For example, I created a clone of the Users eSpace which I called MyUsers.  I have design templates and themes in an eSpace called MyDesign.  I want the MyUsers eSpace to have the same design as everything else so it references MyDesign and the MyDesign eSpace (while never directly used in production) needs to reference the MyUsers module in order to work.

Just something to think about.