Change the date range used by the Date data type

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The documentation ( http://www.outsystems.com/help/servicestudio/8.0/Language_Reference/Data_Types/Date_Data_Type.htm ) states that the oldest valid date is #1900-01-01#.  (I verified that this is in fact the case.)  In my application I have birth dates that date back to before that date.  While obviously I can come up with any number of work arounds, I really hate having to do that.

Is there anything that can be done, hopefully quickly?  For my application I need to go back to at least #1800-01-01#.  Any application that shows significant history (something like Ancestry.com) would have a huge problem with this limitation.

Update 03/13/2014 - From another thread I understand the reason for the current limitation is that the date fields actually use the smalldate data type and while that allows for much more precision on the time it sacrifices the date range.  So, in my opinion, a system option that lets the user decide whether to use smalldate or date data types should be implemented.  (This parallels a similar idea that ID values should have the option of being int or bigint.)
Created on 12 Mar 2014
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I agree with the "let us choose" option! Some uses (like timestamps on records) need high precision, others need broad ranges (birthdates of historical figures).