Integration studio > Import entities > (User-)settings to specify datatype based on column name e.g. '%Price' = 'Currency'

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specify your own datatypes based on column-names
e.g. i know that the column 'dateofchange' is always a date-column, and the column 'timeOfChange' is always a time column. And columns like '%prijs' is a currency. It would be nice to set this and when i import an entity, it will be set. Of course you need a check, e.g. mark it when a user-defined type is used.
Created on 18 Mar 2014
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what would be the advantage of this?

how many times do you import entities? 
perhaps at the beginning a couple of times, but after that it will stay solid.

I understand the question, but I doubt the effort to implement it is higher than the actual advantage?

we've a around 1000 tables, there are some 'default' columns which should be date and others which should be datetime. If I can specify the datatype based on column-name, it would save very much time. 

I do not know what the impact will be to implement it. Could be creating an if-statement up to refactoring integration studio.