SQL Input Parameters Automatically Fill In

By Ricardo Freitas on 23 Mar 2014

I currently work with version 8 of the OutSystems software and noticed something that could be improved. Not sure if someone suggested this idea already but here it goes:

When in debug mode, every time I am analyzing an SQL object, there are times I need to test it. Unfortunately in debug mode I must manually insert all input variables before hitting the test button. In simple websites/systems this might not be an issue but with complex systems it becomes hard to find out the values of certain parameters.

My suggestion would be for the software to automatically fill in the parameter values based on the current object.

For example:
If I am currently analyzing object A and the SQL query needs this object's ID then it would be filled automatically so I can just hit the Test button instead of me searching for it.

Keep up the good work!

Ricardo de Freitas
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