Need a TextToBoolean function

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We have BooleanToText but no TextToBoolean . :)

Created on 27 Mar 2014
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27 Mar 2014
ToLower(String) = "true" :)
27 Mar 2014
Andre - I know, it's ugly, and there should be a symmetry. :)

Also, can't audit the use (if I ever need to... not likely in this case).

28 Mar 2014

how would it be solved.

is "1" true? 
is "01" true?
is "one" true?
is "waar" true?
is "not false" true?
is "valid" true?

in the end you will probaly make an action yourself anyhow.
28 Mar 2014
If BooleanToText is going to output "True" or "False" then TextToBoolean should use those values. Nothing else in OutSystems does anything in that C-style of "true unless 0 or NULL", so I see no need for this to do it either.

The point is, BooleanToText should be reversable, and a developer should not need to inspect the documentation to be able to turn the results of BooleanToText back into a boolean. :)

1 Apr 2014
Not everything should be reversable, but ok, I can live with it.

when we 're on it, it should be lowercase, so javascript understands it instantly ;)
13 Aug 2015
If(String_Split.List[4].Text.Value = "True",True,False)

String_Split.List[4].Text.Value from NotifyWidgetGetMessage

I can't think of another way so this is how I get on with it. :D
13 Aug 2015
You can improve that:

String_Split.List[4].Text.Value = "True"

will do the same thing. :)