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Why not always include simple examples (especially that work) when you submit something to the forge.  Some forge components and extensions do, but not usually.  You usually have to dig in the postings for something that someone is having problems with and try to fix it to get a workable example. 

Created on 31 Mar 2014
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This is one part (where I mention having a working demo) of my Forge improvements idea (https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/1554/forge-improvements-and-cleanup/) and I would recommend merging this with that one.
Wayne -

The reason is that many times a "simple example" can take an hour or two to put together, once you include bootstrapping data and other such stuff. Most Forge components are made by folks who developed it as part of a live project, and clipped it out and posted it up. That means that none of the test code they developed with is something they can share.

I bet that if you asked one of the developers on it to put together some sample code, and worked with them to get a small financial "thanks" to them (or their employer, depending on who's time the code was developed on), and asked them to post the sample or you posted it, that it would get done.

But think of the many hours it will save in questions from developers that are trying to just get something working that is taking them several hours.  Many developers get satisfaction from getting something working themselves using an example or sample code.  The OutSystems platform is sometimes new to them and this would help the platform along for everyone.

Wayne -

I am not disputing the value. It's a matter of time and priorities; you are asking people to invest a significant amount of time and energy into something that yields no direct return for them. I am positive that if you asked to join any of the teams, and added code samples and such, that it would be quite welcome. Maybe that isn't reasonable for the more tricky components, but for the easier ones it should be not bad at all.

I agree with Justin - its a matter of priority.

Most forge components are built "apart" of internal/live projects, after that the forge component is submitted to Outsystems forge community for free, no extra/or very little effort was put into packaging the forge components. - Usually it is supplied as is (without demos);use at your own risk. 

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