Detailed Info on Inputs to Extensions Needed.

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It would be nice if detailed info on inputs to extensions were included when an extension is submitted to the forge.  Some of the names and brief descriptions are not usually enough.  You usually have to dig into Integration Studio and the .Net or Java code to figure it out. Remember guys, we are not all gurus at everything and we were all new to the OutSystems platform and some of the extensions once.
Created on 31 Mar 2014
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While I agree that components should be better documents, I fail to see why it is a WoTC-idea

Think it's a WotC-idea since OS can apply something that a extension comonent can only be added to the forge with a description filled. Then assuming the description is filled correctly...
This is one part of my Forge improvements idea (http://www.outsystems.com/ideas/1554/forge-improvements-and-cleanup/) and I would recommend merging this with that one.
Evert -

If you do that, you won't see any extensions added to the Forge, or they will all have useless placeholder text.


That indeed can be the disadvantage.