OutSystems Utility Needed To Access Cloud Database

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Since we do not have direct access to the database in the cloud environment, What about building a utility similar to Integration Studio or Service Studio to allow some of the database utility functions you might allow us to do?  Things like, clear table data, remove referential integrity, rename fields without loosing data.  Things like that a DBA would do.  Things that the platform doesn't allow us to do.

Created on 4 Apr 2014
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I like the idea but temporarily you should be able to do most of this with Advanced SQL in Service Studio.  For example, I've been modifying the automatically created bootstrap functions to upload data.  During my testing I needed to delete the data many times so I created a simple form with a button that calls an Advanced Query that say DELETE FROM {<entity name>}. 

Service Studio Trick - using braces around the table name in Advance SQL causes Service Studio to substitute to actual table name for the entity name.
I do that same Advanced query button thing too.  But when I ran into a problem with refrential integrity issues and delete constraint problems, I had to log a ticket with support for support to make the change to allow me to do what I needed to do.  Also, maybe an OutSytems Utility of this kind could give us some access to use database triggers, stored procedures and maybe rename fields without creating those anoying messages about unused fields.  Also, possibly could maybe allow us to change the data types of fields without having to add another entity attribute.  Just thought I would add a few more things.
I would suggest something similar to the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio will limited abilities of course.
Is there already a fix to have a possiblity to delete old tables in the cloud?

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Hi guys,

Although this is quite an old thread and was kind of "lost" in the old ideas forums, it's worth a reply.

This is something that I'm placing under an "another" category since it's not really cloud-related but something that we're constantly working to improve (db integrity issues, etc), making sure that there is no need to access the DB directly through 3rd party tools. That's also why I changed the status to "not right now".

If you're still facing this kind of issues, either with cloud or on-prem setups, do let us know!