[Outsystems Java stack: Catchup to .NET stack] - add missing feature "Automatic upgrade" support [MUST HAVE]

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Just like Outsystems .NET stack, the Java stack should also have "Automatic upgrade"

  1. .NET stack, when a solution (eSpace/Extension) is deployed, by default the .NET stack will takecare of automatially updating eSpaces and extensions to match the Outsystems platform that its deployed to. In the Java stack this feature is not supported instead the following error is returned "Automatic upgrade is not supported in J2EE servers. Please upgrade the eSpace with your local Service Studio."
Why is this a must have feature? It is not ideal for Java developers to update one file at a time to deploy a solution.

Without this feature most of outsystems solution packages (including forge solutions) could not be publish without first manually updating one eSpace/extension at a time. 

Created on 6 Apr 2014
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7 Apr 2014
This idea is related to the following forum thread 
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