Development overview in Service Studio over multiple ESpaces

By Wilco Burggraaf on 7 Apr 2014
Development overview in Service Studio over multiple ESpaces. With tooling for refactoring, moving entitiies and actions arround etc. with auto plumbing afterwards. And use architecture templates to setup multiple ESpaces. Encourage to use more architecture.
TrueChange on Application Level
Justin James8 Apr 2014
There's *some* of this already... copy/paste an Action from one eSpace to another, and the eSpace that gets the paste will also add the needed references. Some of it is badly needed, especially moving entities and not losing all the data! I would be very, very happy if there was a way to transfer an entity from one eSpace to another. I suspect I could hack it together by playing in the guts of the system, but that seems rather high risk to me.