[Style Guide] Lite

By - on 22 Apr 2010
Repackage Outsystems Style guide solution to include a lite version of outsystems Styleguide. 

You may also want to include various page template layout, including sidebar templates, drop down menu etc..

Solution Pack
  • ComponentTemplate*
  • Template*
  • ComponentTemplateLite^
  • TemplateLite^
*Standard Style Guide with included template example.
^Lite version of Style Guide, with no template example.

I like the idea of a lite style guide version, only put the lite style guide in a separated solution. On this way you can chose one of the two (or both), so if you need only one you don't have to delete the other.
-17 Jun 2010
This feature is no longer required. Outsystems 5.1 provides a Lite version of StyleGuide built directly into ServiceStudio.
This is supported via the Themes capability and the Layouts with placeholders that were created in version 6