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I had to recently strip off the first character of a string.  Doesn't sound too difficult but here it is...
What I did was use the familiar Substring command and had to find the Start of the text I wanted to keep using the Index command. Next figure out the Length of the string using the Length command and then subtract the Index of the Start of the Text I wanted to keep using the Index command again. There I had it.
But could there be possibly an easier way.
What if a Left or Right command existed that would work like this:
Left(string,Index) this might be able to give you back the left part of the string up to the index
Right(string,Index) this might be able to give you back the right part of the string starting at the index.

Mabe even a Mid command
Mid(string,left Index, right Index) this might be able to give you back the center part of the string
Now you would only need to figure out the index and provide the string.
Maybe not a priority but would make things less messy
Created on 15 Apr 2014
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I beleive that "Pad" is also missing. Everyone has had to build a "truncate text" at some point. Regular Expressions are an extension when they should be built in as well.

Some of these components have been added in "Essentials" forge component.
It's indeed strange one needs a "Length" for the substring, since in .NET and Java it's optional.