Can we set the favicon at the flow level

By Isaac Blaise on 16 Apr 2014

I think it would be great to select a favicon as a property of the UI flow within an application instead of calling the AddFaviconTag action for the preparation of every screen. I think it would make more sense to set it that way. If I have a application with 200 pages, doing this 200 times would be painful, and adding it at the flow level would at least allow me some control, if I want to have different favicons within the same application.

Justin James17 Apr 2014
Isaac -

I would love to see this as a property of the eSpace/Flow/Page too, but until that happens, setting it in the preparation of the layout template works well.

Isaac Blaise17 Apr 2014

That is helpful. I had been also setting it in a system event, but this of course makes the favicon inflexible for that application.

At least with your way, if I really wanted different favicons, I could duplicate layouts and set a different one for each.


Would indeed be a nice one. Upload it as resource/image and select it at eSpace property level.