Improve Page Profiling

By J. on 5 May 2014

I wish we can see in-depth page-profiling.
how long does the preparation-take?
how long does every query on the page take (webblock-queries included)

afaik, we only can see the total pagae-time and we only see SLOWSQL.
but 14 "fast" queries can still be slow in total.

Justin James6 May 2014
Yes, very much so needed!

Indeed very wishfull!
Pedro Vieira22 May 2014

This would be an amazing component, an Outsystems Profiler tool, that you could use like other profiling tools for C# or Java code (ex: Visual Studio profiler, ANTS Performance profiler from redgate, ...), reporting on time spent per action, number of calls, etc. Since the Outsystems generated code is hidden (black boxed), the platform should provide such a tool.