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on 24 Sep 2014
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In some situations merge could be automatic... if i've changed a part of an espace, and the current version of the espace has changes on a different part, why not just receive an warning with "Auto-Merge" or "Merge"
Created on 19 May 2010
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19 May 2010

with a setting it is allowed to auto-merge or not.
Even if it would be an auto-merge I sure want to see what the changes are.

It could work but it's just what Joost say: I would like to see what the changes are.

What to do if there are changes in the same 'stuff' when auto merge is on?
20 May 2010
Im not considering the mentioned setting, i was suggesting the following:
-When publishing espace, it should evaluate if merge is required.
-If merge is required, evaluate if auto-merge can be performed, if so show options on dialog to Auto-merge or Merge or Dont Merge
-Auto-merge option should only appear if after evaluation the outcome is different "stuff" between espaces

So another option when you click a ONE click publish button :)
16 Dec 2010
Something like "Include everything I didn't touch" would be great also.