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So I have just been looking at the samples, trying to figure out how to lift and drop code into my apps.  Beginning to get my head round it and its very good with the Copy/Paste of functionality between spaces.  A couple of suggestions (pls note - you may already have these and can correct me, am very new to this!):

1. I tried to lift the Login/Register widgets from the eCommerce, I did, but then the space told me a load of stuff was missing 'further down' - would be good if you could 'Paste Tree' (not the stuff you eat) and it would take all the dependencies to get it working as well (actions etc)

2. .Net has a load of widgets for OOTB Login/Register/Password - Given you tie users to the User Table, Roles etc, you should be able to easily create a template space that work with it that platform users can Lift and Drop into their code - the thing doesnt need to have any 'demo' functions, just library code you lift and drop, for example you could have different modules for Pwd Reminder of sending a Pwd or link etc...really all that would be left to do after is to extend the user tables with whatever attributes/specifics in your app.

Other than that, still impressed - I'm enjoying this Starbucks developing lifestyle

Created on 14 May 2014
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