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It would be great if one could filter/group search results (especially when doing F12) by results types. Example: I want to find all references to a Entity Atribute but only in simple/advanced Queries.
Created on 28 May 2014
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29 May 2014
You can already order the results by clicking the column headers, which facilitates the search for specific types. In your example, you could order the results by Element and look for "Query Condition" or "Advanced Query" occurences, for instance.

Did you know about it?

Sorting through the columns is useful but does not provide much gain in productivity when working with large modules when performing maintenance.

It is not always feasible to refactor large modules when providing maintenance or enhancement services to a customer.

To be able to quickly gain familiarity with the module and find usages based on a specific property type or element would improve the interaction with the results.

As an example: when doing a "Find Usage" for an entity 121 results are returned. In this case, I am only interested in looking for Element = Data Source of which there are 9 results. Sorting the Elements is quick, but the scrolling to try and find the relevant element is frustrating depending on the number of results that precede the item that you are looking for.