Edit Requirements in Forge

By Rebecca Hall on 5 Jun 2014
I need to be able to edit Requirements in Forge.  Our component "Essentials" is now version 8, but I can't update requirements that still says version 6.
Justin James20 Jun 2014
Rebecca - When you publish a new version you can change that.

Rebecca Hall20 Jun 2014
I would like to update the information without having to publish a new version.
Justin James21 Jun 2014
Rebecca - Gotcha, makes sense. Yeah, sometimes you forget when you publish a new version with changed requirements. :(

Justin James27 Jun 2014
Rebecca -

Turns out, this IS possible.

Go to the Component, then look at Version history, each version has an "Edit" link next to it, which lets you edit without having to create a new version.

Rebecca Hall30 Jun 2014
Yeah, you're right.  It wasn't obvious where to change this.
Justin James30 Jun 2014
Rebecca -

Yeah, I know! I only noticed it by accident a few days ago because I was looking at the version history of a component I worked on. :(