"Assign" multiple records to record list

By Nicholas Ladas on 25 Jun 2014
Instead of having to add an appendList action for every single record you want to add to a record list, it would be nice if there was a way to "assign" records to a record list the same way you can now assign variables with values via the Assign action. You could have the same grayed out fields, waiting for new records to be appended into the record list in one single action, instead of taking up an entire screen just for appending records.
JC Elorde5 Aug 2014
I actually thought it is a bug or I am simply missing something in my code. Then I saw this post of yours and it seems I am not the only one having the problem.
JC Elorde5 Aug 2014
By the way, for now we can use the 'ListAppendAll' function. Cheers!
Nicholas Ladas5 Aug 2014
ListAppendAll only appends one record list to another. You would still have to build the record list manually.