Support for Bulk Insert and Update

By Ravi Vakkalanka on 27 Jun 2014
It would it much better to do 1000 inserts all at once rather than inserting 1000 records in a for loop. I am not sure if Outsystems 8 version has this support. Pls let me know if Bulk Insert / Update support is already there else its better to develop a widget which can support this functionality
Justin James28 Jun 2014
Ravi -

Bulk insert is supported in 8, it is the AsyncronousLogging Extension (not obvious from the name). I do NOT know if that also does bulk update or not, I have not tried.

J.30 Jun 2014
no it does not, just async insert.

bulk update is weird for several reasons ;)

but simple bulk updates you should do with advanced queries.

Gonçalo Almeida29 Jul 2014
For bulk INSERTS/UPDATES you should write an advanced query. I don't recomend using a loop to do this as you're going to increase CPU usage and consume much more resources in the Application Server.