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To use input mask in the platform it's necessary use third party components that are not supported by outsystems, and all forge's components that set input masks don't work in Android 4.0 or superior.
Then, my idea is the platform natively offer support to input mask.

Created on 4 Jul 2014
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Hello Outsystems Fan Club..

Don't get me wrong, I love the product but! 

Mask should be an integral part of Outsystems! 

Sorry but Forge is unacceptable (period) 

Giving so much attention to UI and making a mask separate component... NO.. Really NO..

All masks have problems. Please take this a part of the Outsystems. 

While at it.. Let's say I have a price of something.. I used it in 5 pages. Why should I have to specify its mask in every page!! It will be shown the same way in all pages.. 

Mask should be a property of the "Entity Attribute".. If an attribute's type is selected, say as Currency, then its should mask also be set in the same place.  

Totally agree..


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