Possibility to rename an eSpace

Service Studio
on 27 Sep 2010
OutSystems 5.1
The title says it all: I think it will be very handy if you can rename an eSpace.

Now this task can only be done by cloning the eSpace and republish it under a new name, but then you start again with an empty set of tables.
Created on 20 May 2010
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27 Sep 2010
Just want to share with you that this has been released in the most recent version of Service Studio -

Hope you enjoy.

Manuel Dias
15 Jan 2014
I cannot find how to rename an eSpace in Service Studio  Using the clone function does not help because I don't get a choice about the new name (it is "CloneOf<OldName>").

Any guidance gratefully received.
Nic Townsend
15 Jan 2014
Hi Nic.

I'm using the and never heard of a problem with that function.
Though it can't be found on the menu, it is in a very logical place. Select the root node in the right-side tree and right click it or press F2.
15 Jan 2014
Wow!  That easy!  And yes, very logical.  Sometimes I'm amazed at how un-clever I am!

Thanks very much Nuno for the quick reply.