Wizard to add new filter to Search screens (Dragging entity/structure attribute to the Filters Container)

By André Alho on 20 Jul 2014
I waked-up today thinking on this!
The OS team provide us with simple and beautiful wizards to create almost anything in service studio. That's great, but one of the most annoying tasks is "adding new filter to search screen", typically the developer needs to add fields to the structure handling filters, drop widget to screen, label it, map it to session variable, filling source record list (if combobox), add it to the query, filling the parameter source and finally add SQL condition.
That's a lot of work for one of the most common tasks! I'm certain that OS team can find a way to implement this when developer drags entity/structure attribute to the Filters Container.
If this comes to reality, it'll be one of the big boosts of OS productivity!
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