Personal Area vs Release configuration toggle switch

On our radar
I just learned about the Personal Area functionality and feel that it might help us since we do have multiple developers in the same workspace. 

I understand the Personal Areas to be an area where I can try out my changes without affecting the other developers.  In order to test my changes though, I need a separate URL:

http[s]://hostname/<eSpaceName>/<username>/[<entry_name >.aspx|jsf]

None of the Personal Area functionality is supported by the big green 1-Click Publish button or the blue Open in Browser button.  I have to press F6 to build in my personal space and use a bookmark to get to my personal area URL.

My idea is to add functionality similar to the Debug and Release configuration type option commonly found in Visual Studio.  Instead I'd use Personal and Release.  This way, if I set the mode is set to Personal, the green button would Publish to Personal Space and the open in browser will launch my personal URL.  If I set it to Release, it's 1-Click publish and opens the release URL.
Created on 14 Aug 2014
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