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We need fine-grained control over indexes. There are things like "fill factor" which we can set through SQL Management Studio, but we cannot set through Service Studio. This is a problem for 3 reasons:

1. Who knows when a deploy will wipe it out?
2. Customers on the OutSystems cloud do not have access to the DB to add it.
3. We love to manage everything through proper OutSystems tools!

Created on 18 Aug 2014
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here is the first comment.

- function based indexes

and advanced options
- setting the order of columns, but now including the Tenant Identifier.

How about a free-text area within the index management pop-up in Service Studio, that would simply allow you to enter the SQL required to create the desired index?

Bill - Mainly? I'm not sure how well that would work out in terms of writing it out. It's a good idea.

Yeah, it pretty much relies on the person creating the index to get their syntax right, if thats what you mean.

I can't take credit for the idea, though, it was a suggestion from one of the project leads at Intel. Just helping me bang the drum ;)


Intel is using OutSystems now? No one tells me anything anymore!?!? :) J.Ja
Sometimes I feel the same way (until I make a bit of noise ;)
Happy to catch you up J.Ja! Ping me at bill.brady@outsystems.com

Needed a filtered index today. Can't do it without going into the database and adding it manually. More options please!

This feels like a good addition to the platform. Our clients' DBAs occasionally suggest we create idexes with included columns for performance reasons, and we have to throw back the ball at them so they create the index directly in the database, which often means losing track of unmanaged resources.