An Immediates window for better debugging functionality

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Hi everyone,

I love our debugger because it shows so much information as I'm debugging complex apps, but I can think of a way to make it better, that is, have an immediates window (similar to Visual Studio). just like with the watches window, you can see the value of something, but you can also embed test code (if I'm at a break point, and I want to see what the result of my string function Substr(foo, index(foo, bar), 4) is, then I have to put it in the code, assign it to a variable, and view it in the watches. If I could just plug it into an 'immediates' window, the platform could then evaluate my function call and return the result. Then I could tweak my function call until I get my desired result. This would take MUCH less time than re-uploading my model every time I want to test some string manipulation functions.

ALSO, what about CHANGING the value of a variable while in debug session? In Visual Studio I'm debugging and if I don't like the value of my variable and need to change it for some reason, boom, right in the middle of the session it's changed and I can continue debugging. But in the platform if I need to change the value it's a new upload/publish. It would be awesome to add this kind of functionality to avoid repetitive publishes while in debug and test mode.

Created on 19 Aug 2014
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Isaac -

Immediates window would be good. I know that there has been an idea out here for a long, long time to be able to change the values in the debugger at run time.

There's a related idea out there for a while to have conditional breakpoints.


Very usefull for all.