Submit Feedback window shouldn't be modal

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As the Submit Feedback window is modal we are not able to check the details (exact action name, entity name, etc) when writing a - nice - report to OutSystems.
Created on 27 Aug 2014
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Hi Recardo,
i dont understand what exactly u want to explain here but i saw that the submit feedback model contains the complete stack trace of error and looking at which you can understand what type of problem or error is coming and its context , recently i had a problem and i solved it just by looking at the error i copied from submit feedback model.

Hi Pramod,
I want to be able to get the Submit Feedback window out of the way to check what I was doing when the error happened. I want to write the exact names of the actions, widgets, etc on the report so Outsystems support fully understand what I was doing.

One exta note, by "out of the way" I also mean that I want to be able to click on things that are on studio's main window.