Entity/Action Visibility as Friend

By Rebecca Hall on 28 Aug 2014
Allow 3rd option on Entities, Actions as "Friend" which will make entities and actions visible to all modules within the Espaces Application, but not to other applications.  This will simplify having to keep entities as read-only and then creating actions to do the CRUD operations of the entity.  It will also improve security so that espaces that shouldn't be using these entities won't have visibility of them.
Justin James29 Aug 2014
Should be merged with: http://www.outsystems.com/ideas/1333/more-granularity-of-public-exposure-of-elements/

J.2 Sep 2014
The fact that entities expodes via a xif are public to everyone.. *shivers*

Igor Kirtak18 Feb 2015
Voting for this. This would be very good for unit testing - so you can make actions/entities available in the eSpace of tests, but not to other applications.