When using Import Entities From databases, don't query directly.

By Hans Dollen on 29 Aug 2014
I have to import entities from the database. But when I start the wizard, it automatically loads all users, so I have to wait for seconds and after that, I can select my schemauser. Then I have to wait till all userObjects are loaded. It's timeconsuming.

It would be nice if it's not loaded immediate, but you can choose:
1. enter the name (or some part of the name) of the schemauser and then press 'search'
2. or press the button search.

Second improvement: Instead of loading all objects immedidate:
1. enter the name (or the first part of the name) of the object(s) I want to import. And press on 'search'
2. or press the button search. 

This would save me a lot of time.

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