Mark Action as Obsolete/Deprecated

By Matthias Preuter on 9 Sep 2014
Advanced property on Public actions to mark an action as Obsolete, with a note property for more detailed info and alternative action. 

  • C# Obsolete
  • Java Deprecated
The Note should be visible in TrueChange windows like "Reminder".
J.10 Sep 2014
Even though I like it, I wonder what the advantages will be.

In the end the action should be killed anyhow, so why not do it instantly?

Matthias Preuter11 Sep 2014
You don't have to change everthing at once, first change the Core Components and then later adjust it in the layers above. The reminder helps other developers to take action on the Obsolte actions.

This could also be helpful for Forge or System components when they change.