Why do I need to define the output structure before testing an Advanced Query?

By João Melo on 12 Sep 2014
Matthias Preuter15 Sep 2014
Because you test the mapping of the output structure too, but i think this could be a warning only
João Melo15 Sep 2014
Off course. The test is valid when I finish the implementation. When I'm just testing something it's not necessary to validate the structure evertime.
J.16 Sep 2014
I don't see the problem...

João Melo4 Oct 2014
Statler, imagine I have a huge adv query. I just want to test the results before finishing it. To day I have to put all the output structures just to see the results in test tab. And every time I change my query I have to revise all the output structures to see what I have to fix. It would better if I had to do this only when I finish the implementation.