Dinamically invoke a webblock

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In case I need to dinamically chose one webblock between dozens. It'd be lighter than include all the blocks inside IFs.
Created on 12 Sep 2014
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Are you assuming that all webblocks have the same parameters in and out?
If so, then you can have the IFs inside the webblock, and make a good looking webscreen.
If not, you would have an app uglier than with several IFs.
Nuno, thanks for the idea. I didn't mention one thing... When I have many weblocks inside a screen (or many IFs inside a weblock) the first time rendering after a publish is too long. Obviously, because I have one enormous web page with a big content that is hidden. So, the main purpose of this idea is to let put dinnamically some content inside some page, so it's rendered only when really used.