Enhanced versioning capabilities

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Scenario: Auditors have arrived, and are asking for your app's development history, or what changes might have been implemented since last year, or when did you add that particular feature...

So why not have some "enhanced version capabilites" that allow developers to add comments on publishing, bookmark versions, extract history...

I understand that some of this can be done via Lifetime, but I think that more control and detail might be achieved by enabling a window/area/popup to 1-click-publish where developers could add their comments, or set a bookmark for that specific version, maybe add test results printscreens...
That info could be later retrieved and added to Lifetime Version History, thus giving more insight on your app development history.
Created on 26 Sep 2014
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Something like this 
Yes, something in those lines. Something optional that can keep track of changes automatically, but also that allow developers to input more comprehensive information about changes and versions. Also, I believe that the bookmarking and test printscreens functionalities would be a plus... and if it could be wrapped in the outdoc...